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Rodrigo Fadini

Institute of Biodiversity and Forests, UFOPA

Welcome! I am Rodrigo Fadini, professor of ecology at the Federal University of Western Pará, Brazil. This website is dedicated to the dissemination of research conducted by me and my collaborators, mostly about mistletoes in the Brazilian Amazon. Mistletoes (aerial parasitic plants of the order Santalales) are my passion since 2005. However, I am still conducting studies with a wide variety of animal and plant groups, as well as with different research questions. Take a look!


Our Scientific Naturalist paper merited the cover of the ninetieth volume of the periodical Ecology last year. Take a look!

Cover: Photo of Paulo Robson de Souza (UFMS)


Check some latest mistletoe-related publications and other studies of our study group.

My YouTube Channel

NEW! A jaguar passes through one of our camera traps in the Tapajos National Forest.

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