Rodrigo Fadini

I am an ecologist specialized in plant-animal interactions, mainly plant-frugivore interactions. Mistletoes have been populated my professional interests since 2005, by occasion of my doctorate in Ecology at the National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA). I am strongly interested in mistletoe-host interactions as well as in the interactions between mistletoes and their mutualists. 


Carlos Rodrigo Brocardo, Dr.

Graduated in Biological Sciences - Bachelor of State University of Western Paraná (2007). Master and Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (Zoology) from Universidade Estadual Paulista. Has teaching experience and research projects in the areas of Zoology, Ecology, Animal-Plant Interactions and Conservation Biology. He is an associate researcher at the Neotropical Institute: Research and Conservation, and Postdoc at UFOPA. 

M.Sc. candidates

Vanessa Sousa Gomes

Fire and soil properties as determinants of the tree structure and biomass in Amazonian savannas

Dian Carlos Pinheiro Rosa

Modeling the occurrence of game terrestrial mammals and birds in a mature rainforest in Central Amazonia

Ellen dos Reis Ferreira

Production and degradation of mistletoe leaf litter in an Amazonian savanna

Maria Katiane Sousa Costa

Environmental conditions and mammal abundance as determinants of dung-beetle communities in an Amazonian rainforest


Former students

2018. Sônia J. Castro. Reproductive biology of a bee-pollinated Psittacanthus (Loranthaceae). 

2018. Sarah R. M. C. Fadini. Biomass estimates of the mistletoe Psittacanthus plagiophyllus Eichler (LORANTHACEAE) in an Amazonian savanna.

2016. Arlison B. Castro. The influence of RIL on the bat assemblage at the Central Amazonian Rainforest.

2015. Leidielly P. Ghizoni. Predation of mistletoe seeds by the scolytid beetle Hypothenemus obscurus (Scolytinae).

2014. Jéssica Lira Pereira. Infection prevalence and patterns of host use by mistletoes in timber species.

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